Howard – Jacksonville, FL

The new boater with a restored Aristo Craft Nineteen and restored PAMCO trailer. Boat only purchase from Lash Auto Sales in Lakeland, Florida. All my accessories and chart from Boathouse on Atlantic. Really enjoy visiting your location because your guys there are really knowledgeable an so willing to share what they know to make your boating experience trouble free and fun, not to mention the fantastic prices! Why would you go anywhere else? A good friend of mine is a passionate boater and he insisted we go to West Marine but a quick trip to their store in Town Center sent us both scurrying back to Boathouse. West didn’t have a single chart for the Jacksonville/St Johns River or their teeny boppers couldn’t find it if they did! Key West to Newfoundland but no JAX????? Billy at Atlantic even told me about a boat like mine sitting in a field that had the fiberglass hardtop that Aristo Craft are famous for so I’m looking to see if I can buy it at a reasonable price! It’s Boathouse for me as long as I’m boating,